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What does pheasant hunting mean to us? Pine Shadows Daybreak Lodge

Pine Shadows and Daybreak Lodge is a full service, all-inclusive hunting lodge dealing solely with the art and traditions of pheasant hunting. Part of the property is enrolled as preserve land, with the majority being available to wild birds only. 

They run and showcase English springer spaniel hunting dogs while also training and selling them to hunters hoping for a lifelong hunting buddy.  Mark Haglin and his wife started Pine Shadows in 2010, just west of Frederick, SD. His passion goes to the dogs.  

“For us, pheasant hunting is all about the dogs. Our breeding and training programs all come together to have a well-trained dog for clients to hunt behind.  They are able to put their pup into a real life hunting situation while enjoying the lodge and all the accommodations we provide. It’s not so much about shooting a limit of pheasants here, but instead about enjoying time together with friends and watching the dogs do what they do best.”

Dogs are a big part of pheasant hunting for anyone who enjoys Aberdeen’s fields in the fall. Mark’s favorite traditions, though, revolve around the people that keep coming back to see them year after year.  

“Personally, seeing groups return over the years, and visiting with them again, is one of the best parts about this business. Watching the progression of their dogs and seeing the enjoyment in the owners’ eyes when they hunt behind them in our fields brings us a lot of joy. And when it all comes together to have the owner harvest a bird over their dogs is something we get a lot of enjoyment out of as well. We love seeing groups of people relish the sporting lifestyle over their dogs with good friends, good food, and good accommodations. To be able to provide that opportunity means a lot.”

The Beretta Upland Experience w/Pine Shadows Daybreak Lodge

Mark has been hearing the concerns from his customers, and is understanding of those situations. 

With so many things out of their control, they’ve had to focus on what they can do to make 2020 a great year for pheasants and those who come to Aberdeen to chase them.

“Bird numbers are going to be really good for us. Our habitat changes every year, so it’s always something for us to look forward to. We understand that people are concerned with everything going on in the country. We’ve stepped up our cleaning and disinfecting processes to provide a safe place for our hunters to be and put them more at ease while they’re here. I think we’re going to see more groups with fewer numbers coming from all over the U.S. (if they are able). There might be a little change in how they get here if COVID has changed things for them, but we are looking forward to the challenge of working through it and providing a great opportunity for those who do make the trip.  People are biting at the bullet to get out here this year, especially because they haven’t been able to do much in 2020. To have this opportunity to bring people to the area is fulfilling and very rewarding for us. All of our staff (from the chef to the dog trainers) look forward to offering a great opportunity to visitors, both residents and non residents alike.”

Executive Chef of Pine Shadows Daybreak Lodge Rachel Hogan.

While hunting at Pine Shadows Daybreak Lodge, the only reason you will go hungry is for more bird hunting!

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