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Pheasant Hunt – South Dakota

Transition from early to late season pheasant hunting.

The benefits of waiting until now to hunt. Cost, hotels, cooler for the dogs, crops should be harvested, and there is a lot less pressure from other hunters.

As the hunting days slowly bleed from the calendar, and the transition into late season hunting begins, we can’t help but think about all of the benefits available to hunters who are willing to make an Aberdeen pheasant hunt happen in late November and December.  In fact, for most hunters, this is what we recommend, especially when doing a DIY hunt.   Late season hunting offers many advantages to early season, and now can be the best time to visit Aberdeen for your pheasant hunting adventure.  Here’s why we love late season:

  1. It’s for the dogs:  Hunting dogs work hard chasing birds in Aberdeen.  Sometimes, they work too hard.  When the sun is beating down, and the dogs are hot, that can be a dangerous situation for a put.  But late season brings cooler temps to help your hunting buddy beat the heat, and precipitation to help carry scent.  Dogs love hunting Aberdeen in the late season, and that’s all the excuse you need to get them out in the field!
  2. Habitat is key:  We don’t always know where those birds will be hiding.  But when the temps drop and snow hits the ground, we have a pretty good idea where to start looking.  Find food and cover in the winter, and you’ll find pheasants.  That’s it.  Cattails, shelterbelts, sorghum, switchgrass…so many options for holding areas. 
  3. Crops are no longer king:  Piggybacking off #2, we’re looking at a timely harvest this year.  When those crops come out, birds become a bit easier to find.  As we said in #2…habitat is key.   
  4. Supply and Demand:  There are many outdoor events and opportunities tugging at the camo pants of our prospective visitors.  As the season goes on, weather can also be a hindering factor for pheasant hunters.  When fewer people are in the fields, there are fewer heads in beds.  Hotels want to fill rooms at the end of the year, and may offer substantial discounts in hopes of enticing more hunters to choose Aberdeen.  For many, cost and availability of hotels can be a make-or-break situation.  Late season hunts may be your way to make it work! 

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