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Planning Your Trip to Aberdeen

Planning your trip to Aberdeen, South Dakota to pheasant hunt this fall. Aberdeen Pheasant Coalition, self-guided hunts, guided and preserve hunts.

So you want to shoot pheasants in South Dakota?  And you’re coming to Aberdeen!?  You’re smarter than your friends say you are.  Here are a few things you need to know about hunting Aberdeen roosters and preparing for your adventure:  

Early season vs. late season

The tale of two hunts exists in early and late season. 

October – mid November will find hold-happy birds, crops in the field, and blaze orange filling the fields around Aberdeen.  Traditions run strong during the first few weeks of pheasant hunting season, and a lot of birds are bagged.  Plan for chilly mornings and warm afternoons.  Bring plenty of water for you and your pups, and stock up on plenty of 4-6 shot shells to give you the best chance of bagging birds early on. 

It’s all about habitat once Thanksgiving rolls around.  The majority of the crops will be gone, birds will be bunching up, and heavy cover (creek channels, cattail sloughs, shelter belts, etc) will hold the majority of our birds.  Proper footwear is key, especially if standing water exists in those cattails, and hunting with some stealth takes priority over noisy lines of hunters.  Spooky wild birds will fly at the first sign of danger.  Even a voice can tip them off to a possible dance with 2-4 shot BB’s from a well-aimed scattergun.  Work quickly and as quietly as you and your hunting dogs can.  

We have a hunt for everyone in Aberdeen

DIY adventures are very possible in and around Aberdeen.  Not only do we have lodges that cater to those types of groups, but we have valuable public lands with great habitat and many wild birds! 

Not everyone is up for a do-it-yourself hunt, though.  For them, we have the best lodges and outfitters South Dakota has to offer.  Some of these lodges hold preserve licenses, extending the hunting season and catering to new and verteran hunters hoping to get a few easier shots during their trip. 

Pick the experience that suits you, and get ready for a great stay in Aberdeen! 

Bring your best hunting buddy

No, we don’t mean crazy Carl from next door.  We’re talking about your hunting dog!  People often wonder how accommodating local lodges and hotels are to our four-legged bird finders, and we are here to tell you that there is nothing to worry about. 

Our hotels are all dog friendly, and most lodges have areas for your best bud to dream about flushing pheasants while they snooze.  If you plan on hiring a guide to lead your crew this fall, It is always a good idea to ask about their preference for additional hunting dogs in the party.  Especially if these dogs hunt differently than those already being used. 

Get a good game plan with your guide before unkenneling your hunting buddy, but definitely bring them along for the ride!  

You’ve got a friend in HuntFishSD

If you have any questions about planning your hunt in Aberdeen, HuntFishSD is here to help. 

Contact information, tips and tricks, and motivation to help you pull off the most epic pheasant hunting adventure of your life.  2020 is your year…and it will all go down in the Aberdeen area!    

One thought on “Planning Your Trip to Aberdeen

  1. Aberdeen has been a great area to hunt since the soil bank days which were in the sixties
    It is heavily hunted the first few weeks but is usually always good most of the time
    Former resident of Aberdeen

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