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Vandy’s Ag and Hunting


The VanDover Family invites you to be a part of a tradition that spans over 60 years. For generations, friends, family, and neighbors have gathered at the VanDover Farm, bonding over weekends filled with hunting adventures until the season’s end. Rooted in faith and family values, the VanDover Family cherishes the outdoors and the connections made through shared experiences. A historical gem, the family home once served as a missionary church, where priests journeyed through various modes of transportation to deliver Sunday worship to the prairie community. Embrace the spirit of camaraderie and adventure by joining the VanDover Family for an unforgettable time with your loved ones.

Hunting at Vandy’s includes the following:

  • Guides and dogs; may bring your own dog(s)
  • Transportation to and from the fields
  • Access to private land
  • Snacks and drinks during the hunt
  • Cleaning of birds
  • Evening meal at the conclusion of the day
  • Morning breakfast with overnight lodging

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Fully Guided


38775 118th Street, Westport, SD 57481



605-329-7350 Troy, 605-329-7351 Julie605-329-7350 Troy, 605-329-7351 Julie



The Ultimate

Pheasant Hunting Destination

Come for the experience. Return for the tradition. Aberdeen, South Dakota is THE place to plan your next pheasant hunting trip. Bag your limit and create some incredible memories along the way. Aberdeen offers a variety of pheasant hunting options to suit your interests and your budget.

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Vandy’s Ag and Hunting

38775 118th Street, Westport, SD 57481