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Pine Shadows Daybreak

“Fall Pheasant Hunting, the Way it Ought to be.”

Pine Shadows presents you with Daybreak, its signature hunting lodge on the historic Elm River in northeastern South Dakota.  Daybreak’s eleven square-mile estate provides a secluded experience in a peaceful setting with abundant wild game.  A premium adventure for your family, sporting friends, and appreciated business colleagues, you will thoroughly enjoy this all-inclusive upland experience with fine foods and spirits, comfortable accommodations, tradition establishing camaraderie, and memory making wing shooting.

Become your part of the history of this expanse where many eons ago dinosaurs hunted, for centuries American Indians had winter villages beside the river, the Hudson Bay Company located their southernmost agency in the early 1800s, several homesteading families worked the land, and the very place where the Chinese Ring-necked Pheasant was first introduced in South Dakota over a hundred years ago.

You will be guided by the veteran Pine Shadows huntsmen and the expertly trained English Springer Spaniels from their breeding program in Brainerd, Minnesota. The knowledge, skill and friendliness of this guide team will ensure a safe and productive adventure as you pursue ring-necked pheasants on seven thousand contiguous acres of private, professionally managed habitat.

We invite you and your sporting friends to “Meet at Daybreak”. Enjoy the thrill, adventure, and tradition building of an all-inclusive upland bird hunt this fall at Daybreak. Assemble your group of family, best friends, top accounts, and/or business colleagues to enjoy this first-class hunting retreat on the South Dakota prairie.

Flying in? Your aircraft will be met by us on the tarmac in Aberdeen and you can be hunting in less than an hour and bragging about it all before dinner.

Your hosts are the Haglins of Pine Shadows who have been training gun dogs, breeding English Springer Spaniels and guiding prairie bird hunting since 1976.

Contact Mark Haglin today for details: 218.821.1295, mark@PineShadows.com

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37853 111th St
Frederick, SD 57441



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Come for the experience. Return for the tradition. Aberdeen, South Dakota is THE place to plan your next pheasant hunting trip. Bag your limit and create some incredible memories along the way. Aberdeen offers a variety of pheasant hunting options to suit your interests and your budget.

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Pine Shadows Daybreak

37853 111th St
Frederick, SD 57441