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Ease of travel to Aberdeen, SD.

Access to huntable acres and the hospitality of the Aberdeen community.

Some people erroneously believe that flying into a small-town airport will either be too expensive, or too much of a hassle.   However, when you consider the fact that driving takes up so much time during a trip, Think, for example, about driving to Aberdeen from Minneapolis.   For most pickup trucks, the 300 mile journey will take a little more than one tank of gas, or about $40 when gas prices are decent ($80 for round trip).  But it will also take around 5 hours to lug your stuff on that 300 mile journey.  That’s almost a full half-day of your life spent behind the wheel on a round trip adventure.  Is the pheasant hunting worth the drive?  Absolutely.  Are there other ways to do it?  Why certainly!  

You could also consider flying the friendly skies with delta.  Right now, tickets into Aberdeen are at an all time low.  It’s a one hour flight from Minneapolis.  Check your favorite scattergun, take a nap, and in one hour the lodge is picking you up at baggage claim or you are checking into your favorite hotel.  It’s that’s easy.  At the time of writing this, It’s only $370 from LaCrosse, WI.  For many, driving to Aberdeen with your hunting friends is a big part of the adventure.  And we respect that.  For those that just don’t have the time, or have a different itinerary all together, flying into the Hub City might be a game changer.  Go to Delta.com (Aberdeen Resources) to check on flights today.  Pheasant season is upon us, and it’s easier than you think to get to Aberdeen!  Can’t wait to see you here.  

Youtube video courtesy of the Aberdeen American News.

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