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Dog-friendly hotels are easy to find in Aberdeen

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I remember being a young hunter. Waking up before the alarm on opening day wondering if I had even slept a wink. 

Our trips were special, family traditions. Cousins, uncles, aunts, food, football, and pheasants. Pheasant hunting coursed through my veins, but it was all encompassing. Not just the rush of a flushing rooster pheasant, but even more so, just being on the farm. 

Eating chicken and dumplings and shooting a game of pool. I thought, back then, that I could have likely done it everyday without it getting old. 

It only happened once each year, so I never got to find out. Subsequent trips brought their own benefits to the table: small town South Dakota. 

Dining at the local steakhouses, treats at the gas station, and one of the most exciting things for a kid who didn’t get to do it often, staying at the local hotels.

We had so much fun on the road. But one of my most vivid memories was having to sneak our dog into the hotels during pheasant season.  

Hard to believe now, but not all hotels were equally accommodating to our four-legged friends back then. Blasphemy, right? 

We would have to wrap our dog in a sleeping bag and pretend we were carrying a bunch of luggage to get him by the front desk worker. You won’t see that happening in Aberdeen! 

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Hotels roll out the orange carpet for our favorite bird finders. 

Black Lab Hills View Hunts

They welcome our pups with open arms, and appreciate them for putting you and your crew on birds. When your dog hunts pheasants like it’s their job, you want them to feel appreciated at the end of the day. 

It’s nice to know that our hotels will play a part in that.  When in doubt, give them a call.  You can find contact information for all of our area hotels right here on HuntFishSD. 

Booking a trip isn’t only about you and your hunting crew. Remember your pheasant fetchers when booking, and make sure they have a place that appreciates them as much as you do. 

You can find them in Aberdeen.

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