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Winter Pheasant Flush with Hunter

Have a Blast with Dakota Pheasant Guide

Hunting Options to Satisfy Any Hunter! With the 4th of July now past us, we can provide you with a real bang with the burst of fall foliage. Even better, experience the explosive flushes of beautiful South Dakota pheasant plumage.  Experience classic South Dakota pheasant hunting at its finest. Unlike a pheasant preserve, we do not […]

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Dakota Lodge and Guide Logo

Dakota Lodge and Guide

Imagine for a moment… A place where phenomenal pheasant hunting collides with the incredible beauty of the sunrise on a crisp fall morning with vast prairies and country gravel roads. This, my friend is South Dakota! Truly a hidden gem. Where pheasant hunting has become a way of life and all of us at Dakota Lodge and Guide […]

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Rooster Rush Welcome Hunters Sign

Ease of travel to Aberdeen, SD.

Access to huntable acres and the hospitality of the Aberdeen community. Some people erroneously believe that flying into a small-town airport will either be too expensive, or too much of a hassle.   However, when you consider the fact that driving takes up so much time during a trip, Think, for example, about driving to […]

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Dog-friendly hotels are easy to find in Aberdeen

Make your early or late season reservations I remember being a young hunter. Waking up before the alarm on opening day wondering if I had even slept a wink.  Our trips were special, family traditions. Cousins, uncles, aunts, food, football, and pheasants. Pheasant hunting coursed through my veins, but it was all encompassing. Not just the rush of a […]

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Dakota Pheasant Guide Pheasants and Hunters

Hunting in small groups versus large groups

Hunting in small groups versus large groups. Success can be achieved. Focus on the public land opportunities around Aberdeen with state access and access through the Aberdeen Pheasant Coalition. Pheasant season has become synonymous with many things.  Blaze orange, extra long pheasant tails, and shotgun shells.  Another image that people see when they think of […]

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Daybreak Lodge Campfire

What does pheasant hunting mean to us? Pine Shadows Daybreak Lodge

Pine Shadows and Daybreak Lodge is a full service, all-inclusive hunting lodge dealing solely with the art and traditions of pheasant hunting. Part of the property is enrolled as preserve land, with the majority being available to wild birds only.  They run and showcase English springer spaniel hunting dogs while also training and selling them to […]

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SoDak Sports Upstairs

What does pheasant hunting mean to us? SoDak Sports

SoDak Sports – The Igloo of Aberdeen If you’ve hunted in Aberdeen, you’ve likely seen the igloo.  It’s hard to miss on the west side of Highway 281 as you enter Aberdeen from the southwest corner of town.  Established in a basement in 1969, this gun/ammo/archery shop is there for the outdoor enthusiasts. The Igloo […]

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Hitchn Post

What does pheasant hunting mean to us? Hitch’n Post

Take a look at what pheasant hunting means to the residents and business owners of Aberdeen. Like a favorite child in a large family, we talk about pheasant hunting with great esteem and brag about it as often as we can.  Sure, we love all outdoor activities Aberdeen has to offer, but we are most […]

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Hunters in the Field

Planning Your Trip to Aberdeen

Planning your trip to Aberdeen, South Dakota to pheasant hunt this fall. Aberdeen Pheasant Coalition, self-guided hunts, guided and preserve hunts. So you want to shoot pheasants in South Dakota?  And you’re coming to Aberdeen!?  You’re smarter than your friends say you are.  Here are a few things you need to know about hunting Aberdeen […]

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Daybreak Lodge Rachel Cooking

HuntFishSD Guides, Lodges, Outfitters and Preserves.

Benefit of Hunting with HuntFishSD.com and the guides, lodges, outfitters and preserves we partner with. HuntFishSD.com was established in 2005.  Demand for great pheasant hunting experiences was on the rise in Aberdeen and the Aberdeen Regional Airport was seeing historic numbers of outdoor enthusiasts visiting our area in search of a pheasant hunting experience like […]

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