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2023 End of Year Update with HuntFishSD.com

Are you a fan of pheasant hunting? If so, you won’t want to miss out on the ultimate hunting experience in Aberdeen! With the South Dakota season coming to a close, now is the time to start planning for next year’s adventure. Our 2023 season has been a huge success, and we’re already gearing up […]

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Pheasants Forever 2023 Pheasant Forecast

PHEASANT HUNTING FORECAST 2023: SOUTH DAKOTA SHOULD BE ANOTHER GOOD SOUTH DAKOTA PHEASANT SEASON By Andrew Johnson Thanks to timely rains and strong production, hopes run high that this year’s season could be similar — or perhaps even better — than the 2022 season By many accounts, South Dakota’s 2022-2023 pheasant season was one of […]

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Winter Pheasant Flush with Hunter

Have a Blast with Dakota Pheasant Guide

Hunting Options to Satisfy Any Hunter! With the 4th of July now past us, we can provide you with a real bang with the burst of fall foliage. Even better, experience the explosive flushes of beautiful South Dakota pheasant plumage.  Experience classic South Dakota pheasant hunting at its finest. Unlike a pheasant preserve, we do not […]

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Dakota Lodge and Guide

Imagine for a moment… A place where phenomenal pheasant hunting collides with the incredible beauty of the sunrise on a crisp fall morning with vast prairies and country gravel roads. This, my friend is South Dakota! Truly a hidden gem. Where pheasant hunting has become a way of life and all of us at Dakota Lodge and Guide […]

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Hunt South Dakota

Bagging Birds 101 in Aberdeen, South Dakota

Bagging Birds 101 – How to avoid common pitfalls of new (and veteran) hunters. Throughout your career as a bird hunter, invariably, the pheasants are going to get the better of you.  Many mistakes are made on the way to become proficient at chasing out wiley ringneck pheasants.  If you are a beginning hunter, or […]

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HuntFishSD Aberdeen Pheasant Coalition

HuntFishSD 2022 End of Year

HuntFish Newsletter 2022 End of the Year with HuntFishSD   Enjoy Your 2022 Fall Pheasant Hunt? Plan Your 2023 Aberdeen Hunt and Lock in Your Date! With the South Dakota season coming to a close there is very little pheasant hunting time left. If you enjoyed your 2022 Aberdeen pheasant hunting experience there is no […]

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Pheasant Hunt – South Dakota

Transition from early to late season pheasant hunting.

The benefits of waiting until now to hunt. Cost, hotels, cooler for the dogs, crops should be harvested, and there is a lot less pressure from other hunters. As the hunting days slowly bleed from the calendar, and the transition into late season hunting begins, we can’t help but think about all of the benefits […]

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Johannsen Farms Pheasant Hunters

Hunting Safety 101

Keys to a good safety briefing When I was a kid my dad had two rules while road hunting.  Rule number 1:  Don’t shoot the driver (him).  Rule number 2:  Don’t forget the first rule.  This was a funny joke, but we always took hunting safety seriously.  Whether or not you have novice hunters, these […]

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Rooster Rush Welcome Hunters Sign

Ease of travel to Aberdeen, SD.

Access to huntable acres and the hospitality of the Aberdeen community. Some people erroneously believe that flying into a small-town airport will either be too expensive, or too much of a hassle.   However, when you consider the fact that driving takes up so much time during a trip, Think, for example, about driving to […]

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