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HuntFishSD Blog

Ryan Walleye

Walleye Weekly Fishing Report on the Glacial Lakes And Missouri River

Stay connected to the “Hot Bite” on the Missouri River or the Glacial Lakes of Northeastern South Dakota. Glacial Lakes and Prairie Tourism Fishing Report Glacial Lakes Fishing Report July 7, 2021 Glacial Lakes Fishing Report June 30, 2021 Glacial Lakes Fishing Report June 18, 2021 Glacial Lakes Fishing Report May 24, 2021 Glacial Lakes […]

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Gretchen Pheasant 2

Transition from early to late season pheasant hunting.

The benefits of waiting until now to hunt. Cost, hotels, cooler for the dogs, crops should be harvested, and there is a lot less pressure from other hunters. As the hunting days slowly bleed from the calendar, and the transition into late season hunting begins, we can’t help but think about all of the benefits […]

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Johannsen Farms Pheasant Hunters

Hunting Safety 101

Keys to a good safety briefing When I was a kid my dad had two rules while road hunting.  Rule number 1:  Don’t shoot the driver (him).  Rule number 2:  Don’t forget the first rule.  This was a funny joke, but we always took hunting safety seriously.  Whether or not you have novice hunters, these […]

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Rooster Rush Welcome Hunters Sign

Ease of travel to Aberdeen, SD.

Access to huntable acres and the hospitality of the Aberdeen community. Some people erroneously believe that flying into a small-town airport will either be too expensive, or too much of a hassle.   However, when you consider the fact that driving takes up so much time during a trip, Think, for example, about driving to […]

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The Pheasants Are Plentiful In Aberdeen, SD

SD Pheasant Season Extended to January 31, 2021. Aberdeen Pheasant Hunting Is Better Late Than Ever As the Midwest air becomes ever-more crisp and the snow begins to fall on a more consistent basis, the average weekend warrior pheasant hunter generally bids a fond farewell to the season. They’ve bagged some birds, had some laughs […]

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Zach pheasant hunting

Focus on habitat and where pheasants can be found

Focus on habitat and where pheasants can be found while hunting in Aberdeen. SD Game Fish and Parks Walk In Atlas, CREP, Walk In, Game and Waterfowl Production Areas, and the Aberdeen Pheasant Coalition. (Only found in Aberdeen, SD). If you are new to hunting in South Dakota, or have yet to explore the great […]

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Dog-friendly hotels are easy to find in Aberdeen

Make your early or late season reservations I remember being a young hunter. Waking up before the alarm on opening day wondering if I had even slept a wink.  Our trips were special, family traditions. Cousins, uncles, aunts, food, football, and pheasants. Pheasant hunting coursed through my veins, but it was all encompassing. Not just the rush of a […]

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Dakota Pheasant Guide Pheasants and Hunters

Hunting in small groups versus large groups

Hunting in small groups versus large groups. Success can be achieved. Focus on the public land opportunities around Aberdeen with state access and access through the Aberdeen Pheasant Coalition. Pheasant season has become synonymous with many things.  Blaze orange, extra long pheasant tails, and shotgun shells.  Another image that people see when they think of […]

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R&R Pheasant Hunts Young Hunter

2021 HuntFishSD Pheasant Hunt Giveaway

Follow HuntFishSD on social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Promote the 2021 HuntFishSD Pheasant Hunt Giveaway. Who’s enjoying the 2020 hunting season?  The birds are flying and the wait is finally over.  It’s time to start talking pheasants, and we want to start the year off right…with a huge giveaway!  We are excited to […]

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Daybreak Lodge Campfire

What does pheasant hunting mean to us? Pine Shadows Daybreak Lodge

Pine Shadows and Daybreak Lodge is a full service, all-inclusive hunting lodge dealing solely with the art and traditions of pheasant hunting. Part of the property is enrolled as preserve land, with the majority being available to wild birds only.  They run and showcase English springer spaniel hunting dogs while also training and selling them to […]

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