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Aberdeen, SD has some of the best pheasant hunting you will find. The community rolls out the orange carpet to accommodate you and your hunting party. huntfishsd
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Bird dogs are the best! All of the hotels in Aberdeen allow hunting dogs. You never have to worry about making arrangements without them. huntfishsd
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Nothing better than a tailgate full of memories. The Pheasants Forever Chapter at Northern State University hosting a late season pheasant hunt. huntfishsd
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Pheasant Canteen
Aberdeen is home to the Pheasant Canteen and the Pheasant Sandwich. During WWII 586,000 troops were served pheasant sandwiches as they passed through Aberdeen. huntfishsd
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Aberdeen Pheasant Coalition Sign
Aberdeen Pheasant Coalition! They work to keep our pheasant population thriving by improving habitats and preserving our pheasant hunting land. huntfishsd
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Straight From the Fields - Connect with the HuntFishSD Blog on the website, Instagram, and Facebook. HuntFishSD's message Straight from the Fields! huntfishsd
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HuntFishSD Aberdeen Pheasant Coalition



Private land open to public hunting
courtesy of the Aberdeen Pheasant Coalition.

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Convenience AND COMFORT

Aberdeen is a home to many hotels with a variety of features and price points to fit any budget. Dogs are welcome on most of the properties as well. What's common among all of our hotels is the enthusiasm for visiting hunters during pheasant season.

The Ultimate

Pheasant Hunting Destination

Come for the experience. Return for the tradition. Aberdeen, South Dakota is THE place to plan your next pheasant hunting trip. Bag your limit and create some incredible memories along the way. Aberdeen offers a variety of pheasant hunting options to suit your interests and your budget.