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Coteau View Hunts, located South of Aberdeen near Conde, puts special emphasis on proper conservation practices to ensure healthy wildlife populations. We are a prime example that it is possible to both farm for production but also farm for the birds. With over 3,000 acres of privately owned land, nearly half being newly enrolled CRP acres, we can offer our clients a true South Dakota WILD bird hunt. We have a perfect mix of production acres, food plots, CRP, and hedge row plots. We have an amazing 90% hunter return rate for a reason. When people hunt with us, they don't want to hunt anywhere else. Places like Coteau View Hunts are becoming increasingly hard to find these days.

"Advancing the Game Bird Industry through proper conservation practices while
providing quality, affordable hunts to game bird enthusiasts throughout North America"
"Our goal isn't to be the largest hunting outfitter.............. but to provide our clients
with a once in a lifetime opportunity every time they are afield."   

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