Things to Do

  1. Archery

    Several South Dakota state parks offer opportunities for archers to practice their sport, from endurance-testing archery trails to traditional ranges of several targets.

  2. Bird-Watching

    South Dakota is perfectly positioned with a mix of landscapes and habitat types, making it a wonderful spot for birding enthusiasts.

  3. Camping

    Find a listing of camping sites.

  4. Cross-Country Skiing

    Cross-country ski trails are available in many state parks during the winter months

  5. Dakota Outdoors Show

    Come visit the Dakota Outdoors Show at the Brown County Fairgrounds in Aberdeen, South Dakota!

  6. Disc Golf

    Disc golf is a growing sport enjoyed by players of all ages and abilities. The South Dakota state park system features 12 disc golf courses.

  7. Festivals & Events

    See our calendar and find upcoming events.

  8. Fishing

    There is great fishing available here in South Dakota.

  9. Geocaching

    Geocaching (pronounced "geo-cashing") is an outdoor treasure hunt using hand-held Global Positioning System (GPS) units.

  10. HuntFishSD Area Attractions

    The Aberdeen area of South Dakota offers many attractions and offers something for everyone. Take a guided hunting or fishing trip or visit Storybook land and Wylie Park.

  11. Hunting

    The surrounding area has plenty to offer the avid hunter, whether small or large game.

  12. Ice Fishing

    Ice fishing is a popular winter activity and anglers need access to the popular ice fishing waters across the state.

  13. Snowmobiling

    Over 1,500 miles of snowmobile trails exist in South Dakota and whether you have the need to cross the open prairie east of the Missouri River or lose yourself in the 1 million acres of ponderosa pine in the Black Hills, South Dakota has it all.

  14. Snowshoeing

    Snowshoeing is a very easy and enjoyable way to get outside during the snowy winter days.

  15. Trap Shooting

    The Aberdeen Gun Club hosts the finest shooting grounds in the area with 13 trap-houses equipped with automatic trap machines and voice-pulls.

  16. Wings Hockey

    View the NAHL Aberdeen Wings team website.

  17. WWII Pheasant Sandwiches

    Find a recipe for the Aberdeen South Dakota world famous "Pheasant Sandwiches."