Experience the Yellowstone Trail in Aberdeen, SD

About the Trail

What began as a 26-mile stretch of road has since turned into a 1,200-mile dream. This dream was fueled by the imagination of a citizens group that saw the highway extend from Minneapolis past Yellowstone National Park and continuing on to Puget Sound.

Experience Cultural & Historical Attractions

In South Dakota, the Yellowstone Trail runs east and west from the Big Stone Lake to Lemmon. Along the way travelers will be treated to a vast array of historical and cultural attractions from the glacial lakes and the great prairie to Lemmon's petrified wood park. Our geographic diversity will delight and astound visitors. Go back in time to experience the pioneering spirit, the sense of history, and the unspoiled beauty the trail offers to one and all.

First Transcontinental Highway

Eventually the trail became the nation's first transcontinental highway stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific. It became a source of pride for the pioneers who had a vision of sharing the beauty of our state with visitors.